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Phithan Group Partner with TMT since 1963


Phithan Green Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. As pioneers in EV charging solutions, we’re dedicated to enhancing the driving and charging experiences of EV users. Our commitment goes beyond offering products; it’s about paving the way for sustainable transportation and ensuring our community is equipped for the road ahead.

Our Mission Our primary goal is to simplify the transition to electric vehicles. We aim to remove any complexities and barriers, allowing users to seamlessly integrate EVs into their daily lives.

Our Vision We strive to establish a robust reputation for trust and reliability in the EV market, aiming to be a go-to solution for all EV charging needs.

Our Team Every member of our team, from our expert installers to our dedicated administrative staff, is geared towards ensuring user satisfaction and top-tier service delivery.

Core Values

  • Reliability: We prioritize consistent and dependable solutions.
  • Innovation: We’re always seeking ways to improve and evolve.
  • Professionalism: Our team upholds the highest standards in every interaction.

Plux Application Developed as a direct response to the evolving needs of EV Charger owners and drivers, Plux is a platform where they can connect. Charger owners can list their devices, and drivers can effortlessly find and use them, ensuring smooth and reliable interactions.

Map Charging Station แผนที่สถานีชาร์จ พิธาน กรีน


EV Charger

We are the official distributor of EV chargers including AC and DC chargers from the leading company for home use and business purposes. For AC chargers, Wallbox from Spain and Alfen from Netherlands. For DC chagers, ABB from Switzerland

EV Charger Installation

We provide EV charger installation service for both our selling products and other brands in the market. Moreover, we also design and decorate your charging station.

EV Charger Platform

We have available EV charger platform to support your business such as condominium and office. By using Keycard or keychain, the Platform will collect the data and send the report to admin every month.

Public EV Charger

We are now developing Easycharge application to support Public EV Charger. The application will be launched in November 2021.

Discover the best electric charging experience with us.

EV Chargers, Installation services, Charging station design
and decoration with high standards controlled by specialists.

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