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Phithan Green Co., Ltd. is the official distributor of EV chargers including AC Chargers for home use and DC chargers for business purposes. We also provide installation services, charger station decoration and EV charger platform for commercial.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

AC Charger for home use from Spain connects via Bluetooth/Wifi and controls the charger through myWallbox application.

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Wallbox Commander 2

AC Charger for home use and semi public use from Spain comes with the iconic 7” touch screen to control the charger and connects via Bluetooth/Wifi to use myWallbox application.

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AC Charger developed by the leader company of the electric industry from the Netherlands uses for business purposes such as Condo and Office building. Alfen has data storage and billing services with a compact size suitable for any places.

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ABB Terra Multistandard DC Charger

DC Charger for charging station from Switzerland can customize the charger type and charging power from 24-350+ kW according to your needs. ABB provides various types of DC chargers including DC Fast, Depot Charging and DC high power.

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ATESS DC charger, a large capacity DC charger for public charging station imported from China have received IEC European standard. ATESS provides many features including charging power, charger type and other functions that fit your needs such as Touch screen.

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Discover the best electric charging experience with us.

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